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by adminblaz

First and foremost, I need to say thank you for your interest in writing for Blazing info, as a guest blogger/author. If you have articles/guest posts that meet the guidelines below , feel free to submit them for our review. Please note,  for your article to be accepted, you must adhere to these guidelines below:

• Your article must be long enough to be called a blog article and must be original and free from plagiarism. Your article must contain at least 400 words. We don’t accept spin articles. If you spin an article we’ll surely know.

• Please note that you are not allowed to add advertising link to an article. You are not allowed to link to your website in between article, unless there is a valid reason to do so.

•You must add your author bio below your article which must include a social media account (Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus). All external links to your website or blog must be shown in the author’s bio.

• Articles telling the world how great you are or a client is, will not be accepted.

• Please have it in mind that by submitting your article, admins have the right to edit the article, decline your article, edit your article title and remove links added in your article.
All articles should be submitted to with the subject as ‘Guest Post’

Once again, thanks for your interest in submitting guest posts for our review and publishing. We are glad to have you as one of the contributors to the success and greatness of this blog. At this point, I’m sure you now understand the type of guest post we are looking for. 

So, it’s time you send in your guest post for our review. Once you send in your guest post for our review, we will look it up as soon as possible. After we do and we find your post useful, you will get a mail from us informing you that your guest post has been scheduled for a certain day and time. This would help you get prepared for it’s publishing. 
Thanks and God bless you.

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